Adam Lambert Got Me Published

That’s an eye catching title, right? But in a roundabout way, it’s exactly what happened.

 I’m a big Adam Lambert fan (my top 3 favorite songs? “Sleepwalker”, “Naked Love”, and “There I Said It”). The man has the voice of an angel. I’ve mentioned before that I was into the fanfic scene, and so naturally I came across Cassidy Haley, who does some really bold clothing designs for Adam as well as others, and has a lovely voice in his own right.

 I then became a fan of Cassidy Haley, buying his music and following his blogs. I was subscribed to his online magazine, and while reading it one day, I came across an add for Less Than Three Press, who published gay romance. I was intrigued. I visited their sight and saw that they had an open submission call for stories involving wolves, moons, etc. I thought to myself, “Self, you have had no success finishing a mainstream hero/heroine romance because you keep getting frustrated by the stereotypes and archetypes of the characters. Maybe you could successfully write something like this.”

 And so I did. A month later I had finished my first novella, The Wolf and the Moon, and submitted it to LTT. At around 25K words, it was the first story I’d ever finished (before that, I had only ever finished screenplays). A month or two after that, I got an email back from LTT that they wanted to publish it. I’ve been writing for them ever since, and they have published nineteen stories of mine in the last six years.

 So, through the grapevine, thanks to Adam Lambert for getting me where I am today!

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