A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Have you seen A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix? I was a fan of the books growing up but was disappointed by the movie version with Jim Carrey (even though he was a brilliant Count Olaf). It’s just my opinion, but I feel like you can’t squish 13 books into one movie.

Now, the made for Netflix series is delightful! Neil Patrick Harris is a phenomenal Count Olaf, and the theme songs are so catchy! “Look Away” is playing on repeat in my head even now, and my boyfriend and I marathoned this series weeks ago. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to watch, and it’s friendly to all ages – child and adult. My one disclaimer is that there’s only 8 episodes so far, so be prepared to wait for the rest of the saga to continue.

Oh, and watch for Mr. Poe. He is without a doubt the most hilarious (and worst) banker imaginable, and my favorite character. Enjoy!

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