Dream Vacation Destinations

New Zealand
I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. Other than how absolutely breathtaking it is there, I really want to visit Hobbiton! I’m a total LOTR lover, so a trip to New Zealand would be a dream.

A long ways up the family tree, my family owned the Sinclair castle in Scotland. I don’t necessarily want to visit that castle (it’s under construction, and kind of looks like it might plummet into the ocean)  but I would love to tour the castles of Scotland.

With my incredibly fair (and easily burned, therefore always heavily sunscreened) complexion, Hawaii might seem like an odd vacation destination for me. Add in that too much heat and sunlight makes me sleepy and a little nauseous (there is a standing family joke that I’m allergic to sunlight). Still, i think it would be paradise (no pun intended) to lay on the beach and listen to the waves.

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