They Say That In Wisconsin

Have you ever read one of those lists of “10 Things That Only Happen In (insert your state name here)” , and you just stare at the list thinking… “Umm, no?” I decided to check out a list of 30 Things People In Wisconsin Have To Explain To Outsiders, and see how accurate this list is. I picked out a few of my favorites.

Packers vs. Bears Game Day Is The Tensest Day Ever
Unfortunately true. Followed closely by Packers vs. Vikings game days. Wisconsinites are crazy. They consider themselves to be part of the Green Bay Packers, not mere fans. They actually refer to the Packers as “we.” (I’m not kidding.)

No One Gets Why You Wouldn’t Drive In Five Feet Of Snow
People from Wisconsin go to work come hell or high snow. Work does not get cancelled due to snowstorms; entire towns do not get shut down. School will, from time to time, or they kids will start later in the morning, but never would an inch or two of snow cancel school for three days (I experienced this during my brief winter in Missouri – I’m not kidding here either).

Cheese Is A Lifestyle
So true. There’s a reason we’re called Cheeseheads. I’m moderately lactose intolerant, but I still love a nice squeaky cheese curd. (The squeak is how you know it’s fresh – true story.) Even better? Deep fried cheese curds. This post is making me hungry…

The Town Names
Ahh, yes, the lovely names of places in our state that even GPS can’t pronounce. Oconomowoc, Sheboygan, Mukwonago (that one’s my favorite to say)… the list literally goes on and on. Fortunately, Wisconsinites are friendly enough (and amused enough) to kindly correct you and point you in the right direction. Oh, and when we give you directions, we will tell you how far to drive in minutes, not miles. We may also draw a map on your hand, since Wisconsin is shaped like a mitten.

Everyone Marks Their Calendars For The First Day Of Hunting Season
True. It’s six months away (if we’re talking rifle season, four if we’re talking bow season), and it’s been on my calendar for ages. I take off work the day before to go up to my cabin and get ready. My cousins come up from Chicago to hunt with us, and last year, one of my sisters shot two deer during opening weekend – a doe and a nub buck. Hunting is a way of life up here.

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