My Favorite Summer To-Do’s

With summer just around the corner (somedays it’s already here, depending on the weather), I thought I’d make a list of my top three favorite summer activities.

Mini Golf
I love mini golf. I cannot actually golf to save my life, and I’m just as bad at Wii golf (yes, I still play Wii from time to time. I love Wii obstacle course. But I’m digressing, as usual.)

Nature Walks
I also love going for walks (not runs, ever). I go with my family to various trails in the area and even do a little off-trail walking. Just never anywhere near butterfly gardens. (I fear butterflies – honest truth.)

Rummage Sales
Rummage sales are my absolute favorite part of summer. I keep a collection of singles in my purse in case I should happen to see one and come across a treasure that I simply must have. I also have a list in my car of all the city-wide rummage sales in northeast Wisconsin.

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