Wonder Woman

Yesterday my sister invited me to go see the Wonder Woman movie with her. I’ll be honest – I had no intention of seeing it if she hadn’t asked me to go with her. I feel like Wonder Woman and her invisible plane have been the butt of superhero jokes for years. On top of that skepticism, my sister had been giving me the rundown of Gal Gadot (who plays Wonder Woman) for weeks, so I’d heard it all. And to be honest, it sounded pretty farfetched. Not only was she gorgeous, but she did a lot of her own stunts. While five-months pregnant. She was a soldier and also Miss Israel. Basically she was described to me as the epitome of women. I was prepared to be disappointed. No one could possibly live up to those stories. Certainly not a not-invisible woman in an invisible airplane.

Instead, I was blown away. The movie was beautifully shot. The humor was well placed throughout the entire film. The island of Amazonian women was breathtaking – as were its inhabitants, a group of bad-ass beautiful women. It was ridiculously refreshing to see a group of women who were so in control of their world and so content to rule themselves, not be ruled by anyone else, without making a show of “we don’t need men.”  

And then there was Gal Gadot. I’ve felt recently that female characters in film are sometimes there just so Hollywood can say, “Look! We’re not sexist. We made a movie about a woman! Who cares if it sucks.” But that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. It takes a while to get over Gal herself. She’s absolutely beautiful, and in such good physical shape that I immediately wanted to go work out (because I admired her, not because I felt body-shamed). Her fighting skills are amazing. And her character was phenomenal. There were “feels” (as my sister calls them), not just awesome fight sequences. We see her go through an emotional journey during the course of the film that I felt was completely honest and believable, completely in sync with her character. Without giving anything away, I will say that I sat in rapture throughout the whole thing – and yes, I felt the “feels.”

Well done Wonder Woman for proving this cynic wrong! I’m even going to go back for a second showing, this time with my boyfriend in tow.

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