If I Wasn’t An Author…

I feel like everyone asks this question. “If you weren’t a (musician, politician, writer), what would you be doing?” Growing up, I had a modge podge of career phases. Figure skater, teacher, preacher (true story), filmmaker, personal assistant. But now, if I wasn’t an (aspiring) author, I would be a wedding planner.

I drool over wedding magazines. My Pinterest is filled with wedding boards (that’s right – not just multiple wedding posts, but multiple boards for different wedding themes and categories). Say Yes To The Dress marathons are my favorite addiction. I enjoy being stressed and under pressure (insane, I know). My favorite pastime is planning and making lists. I love looking at beautiful dresses, planning table arrangements, and making invitations. I suppose I wouldn’t need to be a set-in-stone wedding planner; any kind of party planning would be exciting to me.

To answer, the other question, “When I’m not an author…” My day job is in health insurance. I handle medical claims that are related to auto accidents, and make sure the auto insurance pays them instead of the health insurance. Not nearly as glamorous as wedding planning 😉

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