Does My (Travel) Insurance Cover That?

I work in connection with a major health insurance company, so I’m usually pretty up to date with the awesome new services being offered (generally being offered to other people, not employees of said health insurance – explain the logic there). My favorite roll out this year was a pedometer that synced to your health insurance, and every day you walked 10K steps, they took a dollar or so off your deductible. That definitely would have motivated me to get in my daily steps – except it wasn’t offered to us as employees of the health insurance, only to select other employers.

Recently, they rolled out new travel insurance to cover any medical emergencies overseas. One plan was about $30 and covered medical services, medical evacuation (if the medical services available are not up to par), and reimbursement for lost or delayed luggage. Plus, it covered vacations to any country except Afghanistan, Antarctica, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria.

This brought up a few questions for me. Who exactly is signing up to travel to North Korea? And until very recently, who was getting into Cuba on vacation? Also, as beautiful and serene as I’m sure Antarctica is, I don’t think they have any resorts or vacation-esque things there. Since I have an aversion to countries that are A) war torn and/or B) sub-zero, I’m not too worried about these restrictions. I didn’t find any limitations on coverage for my dream vacation to Ireland 🙂

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