How I Keep Writing Fun

They say it’s all about the little things, and there are a bunch of little things I do to keep my writing fun (my actual writing, that is, not just the process itself). Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys, etc) can be the hardest part. It’s terribly fun to daydream about the story you want to write, the characters that will fill your world, the award that will one day sit on your shelf when others finally get to appreciate the incredible combination of wit and charm that is surely going to be this story… but actually writing is the hard part. So I have a few little tricks to keep me motivated and make it a little less painful.

The first step is a splash of color. When I’m writing by hand, I write with colored markers to keep things a bit more exciting than a plain old black pen. Sometimes I use stickers to mark on the calendar every day I’ve met my writing goals. I keep inspirational quotes and exciting pictures (like hot guys who remind me of my hero or the exotic locations I imagine my couple adventuring to) on my walls. I listen to music or musical movies while I write.

And sometimes I play old school Zoo Tycoon on the side. I bargain with myself that if I write a certain number of words, I can go build an exhibit, and bounce back and forth between the two. I used to do this with an old version of Oregon Trail as well. I’m pretty sure I have Rollercoaster Tycoon packed away somewhere. I should dig that out… For writing purposes, of course 😉

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