The Pinterest Game

For those of you who use Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen the Pinterest Fails. There are boards devoted to them (I just Googled it – there’s also an entire website). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, imagine seeing a beautiful manicure of marbled red, yellow, and blue. You decide to try this on your own nails. How hard can it be? Instead of a beautiful simple swirl of colors, it looks like you mixed all the nail polishes in a bowl and then dumped them on the ends of your fingers. This is a Pinterest Fail.

So, we’ve all heard of Pinterest Fails. But have you heard of the Pinterest Game? (This is what I call it when I play with my boyfriend or family.)

Here’s how to play.

Step One: Find a single post that has multiple pins. For example, 15 DIY Gifts That Aren’t Lame or 15 Christmas Decorations Anyone Can Make.
I will use this board: 15 “PUN” Christmas Gift Ideas (I like planning for Christmas months in advance. Go ahead and judge me, I do not care.)

Step Two: Look at the pin’s cover. Hopefully this will give you a clue as to the quality of the other items on the list. Is it totally lame? Does it look impossible to make? Would you ever want to receive it as a gift? Now you get to make a judgment. How may pictures in the post do you think will actually meet the criteria of the title? Everyone “playing” (when I called this a game, I meant it in a loose sense) makes a guess of their own.
In this case, the cover photo has three of the gift ideas. I enjoy a good pun, so I’m thinking this list will be full of great things. I would probably use the Mistle Toes pun and the Sprite – not so much the neighbor one (partially because I don’t speak to my neighbors or interact with them in any way.) So I’m going to guess there are 8 ideas I might actually use.

Step Three: Read the post. Share them aloud with whoever you’re playing with. Keep track of how many list items you actually like.
Going through them (and thoroughly enjoying the punniness of each), I decided that there were 6 that I might actually give to anyone. Some of the puns were duplicates, and I’m not giving out bundles of money. That’s not very DIY to me. If you remember, I guessed 8 but ended up with six – this post was not quite up to what I was expecting. If you are playing with whoever else is in your living room, the winner is whoever’s guess is closest to the actual number of great ideas you found.

So there you have it – The Pinterest Game! Go forth my children, and play! (And Pin.)

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