Favorite Quotes

I’m a big lover of inspirational quotes and song lyrics. Always have been. On the wall of my office, I have a painting that says “She believed she could, so she did.” I really find that motivating.

I have two favorite quotes (right now). The first is from the Prince of Egypt. “When all you have is nothing, there’s a lot to go around.” The most generous people in this world seem to be the people who have the least; the richest people are the most selfish. This quote is a reminder to me to never forget where I come from and to be as generous as I can.

My very favorite quote (and one my boyfriend is sick of me reminding him of) is from Frasier: “And in the third act, the hero gets revenge by living well.” This idea is so important to me. In my opinion, the best way to “get revenge” or to prove wrong the people who have doubted you is to be happy. To be the best that you can be. To achieve your dreams. There will always be haters who don’t like you or you’re work or just want to put you down. Instead of stooping to their level or being nasty, I think you will feel the greatest sense of pride if you achieve success. Glee said it well in their song Loser Like Me. “I’m not thinking about you haters. ‘Cause hey, I could be a superstar. I’ll see you when you wash my car.” Want to get revenge on the small minded people who picked on you growing up? You grow up and rock the world.

What quotes/song lyrics inspire you guys?

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