Favorite Romance Themes/Subgenres

Romance is possibly the broadest genre of books. Just saying that you’re reading a romance doesn’t say much about the book at all. Is it a sci-fi? Fantasy? Space fantasy? Urban fantasy? Paranormal? Steampunk? Historical? Inspirational? (You get my drift.) I’m a big lover of fantasy; I’ve written largely fantasy stories myself. I’ve never really gotten into the vampires/werewolves/ghost-hunters side of paranormal, but Sherrilyn Kenyon, one of my favorite authors, is considered paranormal (I consider it space-fantasy, but that could just be me.)

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the subgenre or theme of the romance novel, there are popular “tropes” within romance, favorite plotlines that we love to read. Secret baby, marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers…

Personally, I love marriage of convenience stories in any setting (fantasy, historical, or modern). Probably my favorite are modern day marriages of convenience because in our liberated world, this plotline is just such a stark contrast. In fact, my current work in progress is a modern day marriage of convenience to save the family business. More hints to come!

What romance (or non-romance) genres do you like to read? Any favorite tropes or plotlines? I’m all ears!

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