Halloween Decor

This is my first year decorating my own house for Halloween, and I’m excited for my first ever trick-or-treaters! I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween (even though my boyfriend and I met at a Halloween party), but as long as my decorations stay cute and not gory, I’m all in! Here are my three favorite Halloween crafts I’ll be making this year. For more, check out my Halloween Pinterest boards @KaylaBain-Vrba.


Haunted Village
The hardest part about this Halloween craft is that the dollar store hasn’t rolled out their Christmas department yet so I can buy all the little houses and people! I may have to wait and make this one for next year. Once you have the pieces, just spray paint them black and be as creative as you like in organizing your Halloween town.

Skull Candle Holder
This project is fairly cheap to make, with everything you need coming from the dollar store. Three plastic skulls, two terra cotta pot bases, and some black paint. Voila! Glue your creation together, and top with a candle

Spiderweb Pillow
This is an easier crafting project, especially if you already have a throw pillow to cover. It’s just black fleece and white puffy paint! You can even print off a spiderweb template online and transfer it onto the pillow if you’re worried about your lines getting wobby.

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