The Road So Far (Supernatural Pun Intended)

My first publication was the easiest process I’ve ever undergone when publishing, for better or worse. It was back in 2010, the fall after I graduated high school. I happened by chance upon Less Than Three Press’s website and saw that they were putting together an anthology of m/m romance with a theme of wolves and the full moon. I’d written screenplays before but never a novel. There was only a month until the deadline, and I managed to whip together a 25,000 word novella that I thought was a clever spin on the anthology’s theme. I submitted it to them with just a brief cover email (no pitch required), and shortly before Christmas they told me that they wanted to publish it!

Since then, I’ve published more than two dozen stories ranging from short stories to novellas (including a re-release of that first story The Wolf and the Moon), and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come. It takes me longer to write a story (which is probably for the best quality-wise), and my editing process with my editors is much more intense (also for the best), but I’m MUCH happier with the quality of the stories being published. 

Back in 2010, being published easily was incredibly fortunate for me. It gave me the confidence I needed to continue writing and gave me faith in my own abilities as an author. If I had had a rough time with that first publication, I might not have pursued writing further. I’ve learned so much since that first publication and am putting those skills to use as I revise my first novel length romance. I’m hopeful that as I continue this extensive editing process, I will craft a book that is ready to hit the shelves of stores across the country. Join me as I continue this adventure by signing up for my newsletter.

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