Winter Décor Ideas

Christmas is my favorite holiday (even if winter is my least favorite season) and I’m so excited to begin decorating for the holidays! I’ve been working on making some new Christmas decorations this past month, and I thought I’d share my favorite ones here with you. I have TONS of Christmas pins on my Pinterest, so feel free to check those out as well!


Pinecone & Candle Centerpiece
I’m a big fan of projects that look elegant and expensive, but can be done yourself fairly easily and affordably! If I was going to buy this in a store (which I wouldn’t, because I’m cheap… I mean, thrifty), it might cost $20 or more. Instead, you can make this yourself, mostly with items you can find at the Dollar Store. All you need are a tray, a few votive candles, some pinecones (maybe even some greenery), and flocking spray. I had the HARDEST time finding flocking spray but came across it at Home Depot of all places (and for only $3). Simply give your pinecones a good spraying with the flocking spray then wait for them to dry before assembling them in your tray. Voila!

Pillow Covers
There’s a great tutorial for this here, complete with a video. All you need is a throw blanket (the kind you can buy at WalMart for $2.50 this time of year) and a sewing machine. Once I finished the first one, making covers for all my throw pillows was a breeze!  You could make pillow covers for your bedroom the same way, just adjust the pattern.

“May You Never” Painting
I love this quote! It’s cute, but also such a good reminder to never outgrow the simple joys in life. As far as paintings go, this one is pretty simple. You can paint the background as simple or complex as you like (I myself painted in streaks of darker and lighter red to make the background a bit more dimensional). If you are up to the task, you can freehand the words in. I myself am NOT up to the task (whenever I freehand my words tend to run downhill), so I use transfer paper to transfer the word outlines onto the canvas and then fill them in. You could even add a little snow or glitter if the mood strikes you.

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