DIY Gifts for Kids

DIY Kids

I love crafting, and so I look forward to making gifts for family and friends each Christmas. There are some people where I can easily think of a dozen things I would make for them… and then there are some where I just have no idea at all. Kids can be tricky people not only to shop for, but to make for, so I put together a list of five DIY Christmas Gifts For Kids!

Unicorn Tee
Homemade tees are so easy to make! First, print off the picture/slogan you want to put on the shirt. I generally recommend placing the design about three fingers below the collar of the shirt and not printing a design bigger than a sheet of paper. Next, use transfer paper to transfer the word/image outlines onto the shirt. Finally, use fabric paint (or in this case, puffy paint would work great!) to paint the pictures onto the shirt. I recently made a version of this shirt for my cousin’s birthday using different colored puffy paints and it was a huge hit! I love shirts that are both cute and positive!

Chef In A Box
Who doesn’t love gift baskets? Start that love at a young age by making the youngster in your life this chef in a box gift basket. Put together an assortment of cake mixes, sprinkles, muffin papers, and baking utensils for children of all ages. Include a book like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie or another baking-related book.

Artist In A Bag
Oh my gosh – how fun! Around the holidays, art sets of all shapes and sizes seem to pop out of the woodwork. So what could be better than one you make yourself, including exactly the art supplies you want? Check out the tutorial here.

No-Sew Playhouse Tent
I came across this adorable playhouse tent on Pinterest and immediately wished I had someone on my shopping list that was young enough to enjoy this! (but alas, all my cousins are in their teens and tweens) I especially like that it’s no-sew for those of us who still haven’t mastered the sewing machine but know our way around a glue gun. Get the details here.

Guess Who Family Edition
I LOVE personalizing board games! Some of my favorites over the years are a Harry Potter edition of Stratego, a medieval Life game, and dinosaur themed Monopoly. I grew up playing Guess Who with my grandma and was super excited when I saw this family version of the classic game. I myself wouldn’t build the board itself (work smart, not hard they say) so I would buy a used version of the game at a thrift store or rummage sale and replace the cards with family photos. You can get more information here.

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