DIY Gifts for Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults

DIY Teen

Teens, tweens, and young adults could quite possibly be the hardest people to shop for – not to mention make DIY gifts for! I’ve put together a handful of gift ideas that should (hopefully) help make the process a little easier on you!

Emoji Pillows
I have given out so many handmade emoji pillows in the last year and they are always a hit! For this project, you will need pillow stuffing, yellow fleece, and colored felt. Start by choosing whatever emoji you want to make. Use your computer to blow up the image to whatever size you want your pillows to be (I usually do 14 inches across) and print your pattern. Cut the face shapes out of felt and two large circles out of the fleece. If you sew, you can sew the pillow (don’t forget to leave an opening for the stuffing!) or use hot glue. I stuff my pillow, seal it shut, and then hot glue on the faces. All done

Beauty & The Beast Shirts
For the lovestruck teen in your life, consider making “His Beauty, Her Beast” shirts! Beauty and The Beast was such a hit this year, and certainly young lovers like nothing more than wearing their hearts on their sleeve – almost literally, in this case. Locate a picture online that you like and blow up the image (I usually make it the size of a full sheet of paper). Then transfer onto a shirt using transfer paper and paint in your design. Be sure to follow the instructions on your fabric paint for proper drying to make sure your hard work doesn’t come off in the wash

Wooden Yard Dice/Giant Tower
If you’re handy with a saw, or know someone who is, then this could be the perfect gift for you to make! Simply head to your local hardware store to purchase some wood and cut it down to size. You can pick just  how giant you want your yard games to be. In this case of yard dice, either use paint or a wood burner for the dots.

Lavender Lemon Sugar Scrub
Sugar scrubs are so quick and easy to make, and can be made in a variety of different scents. I see a lot of people making peppermint scented scrubs for the holidays. As a general recipe, mix 1 cup sugar, 5 drops food coloring (unless you are okay with a more natural looking off-white scrub), 4 tablespoons coconut oil, and 10 drops essential oils. Put in a cute jar and top with a tag. Voila

Terrarium Kit
Terrariums are so popular right now, and you can do something as simple or complex as you like! You could build a terrarium yourself. Or you can put together a kit of all the items someone would need to build a terrarium: a jar, dirt, small rocks, and small plants. Craft stores have a wide variety of glass containers in different shapes and sizes, and home and garden stores should have at least a few small plants at this time of year.

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