DIY Gifts for Adults

DIY Adults

There are so many DIY gifts for the adults on your Christmas list – including gift exchanges, and in-laws who are often difficult to shop for. Here are a few of my favorite handmade Christmas gifts that I’ve made this year and last year. Enjoy!

Flavored Salts
There are so many options for salt flavors: chili lime, lemon & rosemary, garlic & onion… I combine one part dry herbs to three parts salt, and bake in the oven at 200 degress for one hour, stirring every twenty minutes or so to prevent clumping. You can grate garlic and onions and zest lemons and limes to combine in as well! These salts may need to bake just a little longer to make sure that there is no liquid left in the mixture or it will go bad. Put your salts in cute jars and label with a tag!

HOME Bottles
These bottles are rustic chic and SO easy to make! Start by gathering four bottles (I use bourbon bottles, since that’s what my boyfriend drinks) and remove the labels. This can be tricky! I peel off as much of the label as I can, then soak the bottles in the sink before scraping off the remaining sticker. Next, paint each bottle a solid color. I used standard acryllic paints that I already had at home, so I painted each bottle two or three times to minimize transparent areas (though a few scratches and streaks may improve your rustic look!). I also spray a sealer on the bottles that I spray on all my paintings, but I don’t know if it actually makes a difference. For the ribbon, I bought a roll of burlap ribbon from WalMart and printed out the letters HOME in a font I liked. I then cut the ribbon long enough to wrap around the bottle and traced each letter onto the corresponding ribbon with permanent marker, then glued them to the bottles. Voila!

Flavored Butters
Like flavored salts, the options for flavored butters goes on forever! Mix a stick of butter with jam, honey, garlic, cinnamon or a variety of other flavors and put in small jam jars to give away. Pair with a loaf of homemade bread for a gift basket!

Spice Rubs
There are so many recipes for spice rubs on Pinterest! After a quick search, I was able to find several recipes where I already had all (or most) of the ingredients in my cupboard. I bought cute jars from my local craft store and tied on a tag with the name of the rub. This is a great gift for men who can be notoriously hard to make gift for.

Foot Soaks
Foot soaks are a simple DIY Christmas gift that can be paired with a foot bath or even just a basic tub (like a baby bath tub) and a small towel. I make mine with mint tea, green tea, and black tea, mixing one part tea with three parts epsom salt. Put each soak in mason jars and tie on a little tag with the tea type of the soak.

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