Behind The Scenes: Fight For You Cover

Fight For You - 2nd edition - Copy

I am NOT good at coming up with cover art. I can walk into a bookstore and see all the beautiful covers, find myself gravitating toward certain ones and shunning others, but when it comes to my own stories, I draw a blank. Even after seven years, I still panic when it’s time to sit down and write my cover request for the artist. My mind grasps at straws, trying to find bits and pieces of the story to put on the cover. Which generally means I request a jumble of items that would look like a junk drawer if a cover artist actually included all my requests (which thankfully, they don’t, because they are much smarter at this than me). If I remember correctly, for Fight For You‘s second edition cover, I requested “something with a woman looking up at the sky” and “maybe a window or the bars of a gate” with a “fantasy feel.”  Not incredibly helpful (and now that I think about it, not my worst request. That would be for my last piece, Glamour, and is a story for another day).

Instead, the artist created this BEAUTIFUL cover which fits my story perfectly and is in my opinion the most beautiful cover on any of my books yet!

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