Fight For You Culture Still Relevant Today

I first wrote Fight For You more than six years ago. After it was published, I wrote and sold nineteen more short stories and put Fight For You out of my mind as I worked on new things. I remembered the general premise of the story, but a lot of the finer details were lost to me. When my publisher contacted me about renewing my contract and releasing a second edition, I read Fight For You for the first time in years and was surprised by several of the scenes.

First, Fight For You is darker than I remember it being. That darkness is to be expected in a setting similar to that of gladiators, but what really caught my attention was the rape culture. There are a handful of scenes that deal with this culture, and in my mind, this issue is even more relevant today than when Fight For You was originally published. When I was preparing Fight For You to be re-released, I considered these scenes and what it would mean to the story to remove them. After all, my stories are generally lighter in nature now than they were when I first started publishing. After a lot of thought, however, I decided that not only were these scenes integral to the setting and to the story I wanted to tell, but they were also integral to the phenomenon that still exists today—a culture where someone thinks they have the right to physically possess someone simply because they can and there is no repercussion because of the different statuses of the attacker versus the victim. While these scenes are not graphic and all assault takes place behind closed doors, hopefully these scenes are still powerful enough to move readers to remember that all men and women must stand together as human beings to condemn this type of action and do whatever is necessary to raise the next generation to do better than the generation before.

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