Fight For You: Original Title

Coming up with titles are NOT my strong suit. Most of my stories have a working title while I’m writing them, and then I try to figure out a title at the end. In some lucky cases, a title comes first during my plotting process. That was not the case in Fight For You.

When I was writing Fight For You, I was very into Fall Out Boy. I think Pete Wentz is a very clever lyricist, and I fully enjoy interpreting his lyrics to find metaphors and nods to cultural references. Around this same time, I was attempting to write some lyrics of my own, in Pete Wentz fashion. I don’t think any of them were any good, but I remember this one line “Peach trees and coffee tables, mother*ckers” that I just thought was so catchy, possibly because it made absolutely no sense. Even I don’t know what it means, it just popped into my head.

ANYWAY, the original title (that I submitted to my publisher) was The Truth About Cherries. It was supposed to be a little ambiguous and a little witty (in my mind, anyway) but my publisher quickly (fortunately) put the kybosh on that. Her exact words were of course more polite and professional, but she essentially told me that the title made no sense at all, didn’t relate to my story at all, and had to go. She was the one who suggested Fight For You as the title, and I immediately adopted it.

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