Fight For You: How Characters Were Sold

Fight For You takes place in a civilization where characters are “sold” to pay off debts, similar to indentured servants. Everyone has their own story, though many are similar (as you can guess). Plenty of people rack up gambling or shopping debts and can’t pay when the bill is due. In Fight For You, a number of people end up in The Zone for this reason, but even more find their way there because of circumstances that are not their fault. Take Cherry and Berlin, our main characters, for example.

Berlin’s parents died when she was a child, and she ended up in an orphanage when no one would adopt her. Her bad luck continued after she left the orphanage and no one would hire her. With no one to care for her, and no way to provide for herself, Berlin was sent to The Zone to keep her off the streets and out of trouble.

Cherry ended up in The Zone because of her father. After her mother died, her father fell apart. He drank, he gambled, he spent money they didn’t have, and he didn’t work enough to pay the bills. When the debt collectors came, he gave them Cherry instead, sending her to The Zone as payment. Cherry can leave The Zone after her father raises enough money to pay the debt she is taking the place of. But he never does.

Even though it’s not their fault they ended up in The Zone, both Cherry and Berlin are ready to fight for their own freedom.

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