The Wolf and the Moon: 10 Years Apart

In The Wolf and the Moon, Dag and Myka are reunited after spending 10 years apart. Dag believed Myka to be dead, and trudged on with his life – what was left of it. Myka knew he could never see Dag again and dedicated himself to the care of his family. When the two are reunited, they are completely different people that the ones they fell in love with so many years before. It’s a strange thing to think about. Many couples, after years together, comment that they feel that they’ve grown apart, but these couples were still together every day and could see the changes taking place. They can look back on their years and identify these points. For Dag and Myka, they lived completely separate lives as if the other didn’t exist – until they were thrown back together. They can’t pick up where they left off, even though they try, because they are no longer the same people. Can the love they felt for each other last through the years and transform into a love for the people they have become?

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