The Wolf and the Moon: Gladiators

Let’s talk gladiators. Whether in stories, movies, or TV specials, gladiators have always appealed to our primal side. The fight for life or death, the pursuit of honor and glory, the can’t-look-away violence. These traits have always excited an audience, which is what made them so popular to begin with. The lifestyle of the gladiator strikes a chord with our primal nature, with our desire to kill or be killed, the fight never-flight instinct, the distant memory of the caveman swinging his club in victory. Is it logical? Hardly. Watching people kill each other shouldn’t be entertaining, and yet if you ask the people lining up to watch NASCAR races, they’re not there to watch the cars drive in circles. It’s the thrill of danger, the risk of life, that makes these sports exhilarating – for both the spectator and the participant. The characters in The Wolf and the Moon aren’t historical gladiators, but they are inspired by them and have many similarities. All the same excitement is there: the life or death battles, the cheering crowds, the kill or be killed attitude. Plus, the characters are fighting for love. It doesn’t get much more primal than that. 

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