The Rogue Not Taken | 5 Stars

The Rogue Not Taken
By Sarah MacLean
5 stars

 This is my first Sarah MacLean (shocking, I know), and right from the start, I was hooked! Her style is witty, catty, and delightful, and the narrative of the story is simply delightful to read.

 A fabulous book! I got so caught up in the story that at one point when I set it down, I couldn’t believe I had read so far. It was an effortless read because Sarah creates a world that is so complete that I was never left questioning a situation or puzzling that she had thrown something too modern into a historical. The characters were excellent, enjoyable to read and fully relatable, and the plot twists were so excellently done that I didn’t see them coming! I truly enjoy a book that can catch me by surprise, but still feel completely believable. An excellent book that I recommend to anyone – even those who (like me) don’t read regency romance.

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