The Biblical Apocalypse

Watch As My World Ends takes place in a community living after the Biblical Apocalypse, and is (of course) full of Biblical references. I always found The Book of Revelation to be fascinating, so I thoroughly enjoyed researching this story. Something I was particularly interested to find was how detailed the timeline is of this prophesied event. One could almost create a calendar of the signs that string through the seven years of the apocalypse. For something that hasn’t happened yet, there is certainly plenty of prophecy revealing what will happen to those who don’t find faith. The story of God’s angels, however, is less clear. There are mentions throughout the Bible of the angels and that they are soldiers and messengers of God, but there is little known about what they are like, what their “lives” are like, or what their purpose will be after the Second Coming. This led me to my decision to make my heroes angels, instead of humans. It added an extra sense of urgency and unknown to the story, as the fate of humanity has already been laid out for us but the fate of the angels is shrouded in mystery. Interested? 

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