A Million Little Things | 4 Stars

A Million Little Things
By Susan Mallery
4 Stars

I love this author’s writing style. That’s the first thing that sucks you in and does not let you go. Seriously, it was hard to put down this book to go back to things that needed to be done. Like, going to work. I particularly enjoyed that the three storylines we’re following are all of different aged women at different points in their relationships: a young woman dating, a married woman and her husband, and a widow venturing into the dating world again. I thought it was an intriguing angle to view relationships from different points in life, all from within the same book. As a younger reader, I don’t go looking for books about grandma’s falling in love again. It’s just not something I go looking for. I thought it was very clever for the author to combine these three age groups/markets in one book, so that even if one of the storylines isn’t something you usually read, there’s still something in the story for everyone.

Other than the author’s cleverness in that regard, the book was definitely a fun and delightful read. Did I mention how much I love her writing style? I did, but I’ll say it again. Her voice is fun, charming, and clever, and this is a book that you will enjoy reading!

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