Nobility Was Inspired By Shrek

Nobility was inspired by Shrek, one of my favorite movies to listen to while I write. I really liked the idea of a princess locked away in a tower, being rescued by a knight in shining armor… and neither of them actually fitting the stereotype they’re playing. In Nobility, Danna is a princess locked away in a tower, but she wasn’t cursed. Actually, she ASKED her fairy godmother to put her there to escape an arranged marriage. Nobelle is a thief with her face plastered on wanted posters all over the kingdom. Her only chance to escape the noose is to rescue and marry the princess, even though she doesn’t want to rescue the princess and the princess doesn’t want to be rescued.

Fun fact? This story was originally published as a m/m romance several years ago, before I revamped it to be f/f. I personally prefer this version myself, but maybe one day I’ll release them both together and let readers decide.

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