Hit The Spot | 5 Stars

Hit The Spot
by J. Daniels
5 Stars

Another book that I stayed up all night reading because I HAD to finish! I love the angst between the characters and how their relationship develops from a love/hate relationship based solely on physical attraction to a true love story. And boy, is their love a steamy one! Be prepared for a super hot read from beginning to end!

I’ll be honest – in the opening pages, I did not like Jamie, our hero. He was arrogant, very sexual, and maybe not too respectful of relationships. I was scared, and wondered, how are we going to redeem this jerk? But as I read on and fell in love with him, I realized that if we want a bad-boy-turned-good, we have to let him actually be a bad boy in the beginning. So, stick with it, even if you want to treat him the way our heroine does (I won’t ruin it by telling you, but you’re going to love it), and I promise you’ll fall head over heels in love with him too. This is a book I can’t stop rereading. The emotional journey, especially for the heroine, is just so intense. Love it!

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