Z-Bot | 3 Stars

This was a fun sci-fi romance. What really drew me in was the incredible wealth of knowledge the author has of computers, technology, and the complex functions that all work together. There were layers upon layers of technical plots, things I never would have even dreamed about. I am not a tech savvy person, but the author presents the information in such a way that I was never confused by the information or doubted its authenticity. Really, for me, the technical information was what made this book so fun and exciting, even more than the thrilling plot: after a man dies, his body is reanimated by a computer—but then his soul returns to his body and he must fight to regain control not just of his body, but of his new life.

The romance between the two characters was sweet and believable. I particularly enjoyed that Chris, our hero, was a nerd. Sure, he had recently hit the gym as part of his plan to gain confidence and appeal with women, which he completely succeeded at, but he’s also still somewhat shy and sweet—very refreshing traits in a genre often filled with alpha males.

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