Close Up by Virginia Kantra | 5 Stars

I LOVE the compound-related storyline, SO intriguing and very timeless. The relationship between the compound and the town was also handled very nicely. The compound’s people weren’t painted to be the “bad guys.” Instead, the author showed how they were a peaceful if radical people and the townspeople lived alongside them harmoniously.

I also found the characters very believable. Sometimes with crime/investigation stories, the character who isn’t a police officer is either completely helpless or so experienced with law practices that it doesn’t make sense. In this case, the heroine’s experience and inexperience were perfectly balanced, and I really enjoyed a character who sometimes needed to be saved but who could also save herself.

I think my favorite part about this story was that I truly believe that our hero and heroine belong together. It’s easy for the adrenaline of a life-and-death situation (like theirs) to create an ideal atmosphere to fall in love, or at least in lust, but I felt that these two characters fit together so well that if they’d met at a coffee shop or on the street somewhere, they would have fallen in love just the same.

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