The Christmas Rescue | 3 Stars

The Christmas Rescue
By Laura Scott
3 stars

I had mixed feelings when I picked up this book. First, the heroine’s name is Kayla and she lives in Wisconsin. So do I, so I thought this might be interesting, kind of like reading a book about myself. On the other hand, it sounds like a crime-thriller, which is not my cup of tea. Still, it was a gift, so I thought I’d give it a go.

It was an interesting read. The thriller plot was well paced, a little information being revealed at a time so that I felt like I was investigating right alongside the characters. The ending of the romance fell just a little flat for me. The heroine got over her (very justifiable) fears very quickly, because she realized that was what God wanted. I agree, once you know what God wants for you, things fall into place, but her realization happened out of the blue. Nothing really triggered it. The ending didn’t work for me, but the rest of the story was an interesting read, especially if you enjoy watching someone come to faith.

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