Holiday in Your Heart | 4 Stars

Holiday In Your Heart
By Susan Fox
4 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Susan Fox has a unique and brilliant way of seamlessly melding sexy relationships with the homey comfort of living in a small town. Holiday In Your heart encompassed both of these traits beautifully – something I’ve never seen done before. I haven’t come across a small town family-based romance before where the physical romance jumped off the page, but there it was. Beautifully done. Watching the characters learn, grow, and compromise their relationship was fun. I haven’t read the other Caribou Crossing books, but fans of the series will enjoy seeing the post happily-ever-afters of their favorite characters.

My only complaint (and the reason I didn’t give the story 5 stars) came at the very end. I felt that the hero, who had been very set in his opinion of a certain issue he and the heroine disagreed on, had a complete change of heart and took the heroine’s side without a big incident to change his mind or an obvious progression to get him to that point. I needed a bit more to make it believable, but other than that aspect, it was a delightful read.

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