All I Want | 4 Stars

Talk about a girl who can give it as good as she gets it! Tessa and Luke fight like cats and dogs, and while I was sometimes taken aback by how forward they both were in their bickering, I quite enjoyed how evenly matched the two of them were. I never once felt like one was being “mean” to the other, or dishing out more than the other would return to them. I also enjoyed how open both of them were about sex—particularly sex they’d had with other people. I thought it was refreshing to have two characters who had no qualms about seeing other people when they weren’t together, and again, they were evenly matched. Tessa isn’t saving herself for Luke while he’s sleeping his way around town, and vice versa. I think that’s the best way to describe these two: evenly matched. And speaking of sex—woah! These two are hot hot hot!

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