Writing a Book with My Dad: The Adventure Begins

Last Friday, my dad and I sat down and put pen (or rather, pencil) to paper as we started writing a book together. For the past few years, he’s bounced story ideas off me, and this year, we decided to finally do it. Earlier this year, we had decided on which idea to pursue, and on Friday night, we got started.

First, we sat there. Watched some TV. The cat sat on our notebook. My dad asked the cat to write the book for us, and the ice was broken.

More or less.

Then we stared at an empty notebook page. I said, “I’ve never written a book with anyone before.” My dad said, “I’ve never written a book at all – but I have read one.” So we’ve got that going for us, and it actually made me feel pretty good about things.

Finally, we got down to business. My dad, it turns out, is a lover of backstory. Lots of backstory. Timelines of backstory. We spent the evening backtracking our hero’s family, all the way to his grandfather’s military service. We talked about the different military branches his father might have served in and debated the merits of different officer positions he may have been promoted to.

All in all, a good first night, I think. We’ll see what next week brings.

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