The Simplicity of Cider | 3 Stars

The Simplicity of Cider
by Amy E. Reichert
3 Stars

I really enjoyed that our heroine had the ability to see tastes – that is, the taste of every apple was assigned a color in her mind. It was an original and intriguing addition to the story.

I wasn’t particularly fond of this story, as a romance. The relationship between the two main characters wasn’t much, and I certainly didn’t feel like this was a once in a lifetime love for them. I also didn’t find them particularly likeable. I felt that they both gave up on their loved ones too easily and without a fight, which made it hard for me to believe that they wouldn’t give up on each other.

I grew to like this story, by the end. It took a while for me to really warm up to the characters, but by the end, I was happy with the story.

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