Unraveled | 3 Stars

by Lauren Dane
3 Stars

I immediately fell in love with this author’s style. Her eloquent descriptions that contrast the abrupt nature of the characters. And the heroine’s attitude. She’s witty, crass, and fiercely independent.

I was intrigued by how much of the book was spent watching the relationship develop, without much input from the external plot. With so many books, we watch the characters fall in love because they are fighting side by side or they are forced to work together. In this book, our characters fell in love because they wanted to.

For all the aspects of the book that I really enjoyed, the storyline itself just wasn’t enough to keep me interested. I was caught by surprise when the book ended, because there were still so many loose ends. I assume these will be explored in the other books in the series, but this one left me feeling unfulfilled.