Croods 2 | 4 Stars

My boyfriend and I loved the first Croods, so we went into this one with anticipation. It opened with a sucker punch, that’s for sure! I enjoyed the unexpected reactions the characters had to each other and their surroundings, which were different than what we’re used to seeing in today’s society/films (such as when the two teenage girls meet for the first time, they’re not jealous over a boy – they’re excited to have friends). It was refreshing! All the characters we loved in the first film were back, each with their own part to play. I loved that everyone had their own story; they weren’t just added to be sidekicks to the main characters.

I thought this movie was cute and funny, with a lot of heart. I didn’t love it quite as much as the original, but for a sequel, it was still good. (Plus, keep an eye out for the peanut toe to save the day!)