The Iron Queen | 4 Stars

The Iron Queen
By: Julie Kagawa
4 Stars

This was another Iron Fey story that I couldn’t put down. After the epic conclusion to book 2, I had to know what was next for Ash and Meghan! And I was so happy when Puck showed up. I really love him, and I feel like he rounds out the group with his trickster ways. Life with Puck is never boring and I love his bickering with Ash. Like before, I would like to see a bit more Puck though.

I love Ash and Meghan together (maybe I just have a head-over-heels crush on Ash and just about every tortured bad boy in every book?), and their declarations and commitment to each other were so sweet and powerful. I just would have liked to see them get to know each other a bit better. At one point, Ash tells Meghan about his past and his dark side, and I couldn’t help but think – why didn’t you tell her this sooner? Why are the two of you making eternity-long promises to each other when you have all these secrets? Talk to each other, damn you! I get it. They’ve spent three books at war with all sorts of enemies, but come on! Find some more down time to chit chat. Actually, there was a bit more down time chit chat time in this book, which I thought was long overdue and greatly appreciated.

The war in this story is exciting, the characters are awesome, and I bet that you too won’t be able to put it down.

Of course, I won’t spoil the ending for you, but have your tissues nearby and be ready for the feels!