The Iron Knight | 3 Stars

The Iron Knight
By: Julie Kagawa
3 Stars

I loved that we got a book from Ash’s point of view—and not just Ash’s retelling of book 1 (like Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey), but Ash’s own story. I loved the darkness of his backstory and how the author didn’t shy away from the fact that the faery do some pretty awful things and think nothing of it. I loved his relationship with Puck (their bantering and death threats were some of my favorite parts of the previous books), especially seeing it evolve.

There’s a lot of questing and a lot of fighting, so for someone who was reading the first three books purely for the Ash/Meghan relationship and Ash/Puck fighting, it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. The conclusion of the book was also a bit flat for me. Not that it wasn’t a satisfying ending, but I just felt that there could have been a bit more emotion to it.

All in all, I enjoyed Ash getting to be the hero of his own story, not just a character in Meghan’s.