Lilac Girls | 4 Stars

Lilac Girls
By: Martha Hall Kelly
4 Stars

This book was a fascinating look into the lives of three very different women during WWII: one in a Polish concentration camp, one working for the Nazis, and one working for a charitable organization in New York City. The war ties these three women together, but their lives are so totally different because of their geographical location that it seems like they’re in different worlds or at least different times.

My favorite part of this book was looking at life after the war. As Americans, I believe we see WWII ending with the liberation of the concentration camps and the survivors going home to their families – because that’s where our involvement ended, for the most part. Instead, Kasia goes home to a country that is now under Russian rule and lives a very difficult life. Leaving the concentration camp wasn’t the start of ‘happily ever after’ for her. I didn’t know if a happily ever after was even possible for her – but I found the end to be very satisfying. I definitely recommend this novel.