Fight For You

Fight For You
Fight For You
Author: Kayla Bain-Vrba
Categories: Fantasy ● Lesbian
Length: 15,000 words
Released: Apr. 17, 2012
Format: ebook
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Sold off to pay her father’s debts, Cherry spends her nights dancing and her days longing for freedom. Determined to break free of her life, she transfers from the dance halls to the stadiums where all the real money is made. The only problem with her plan is that she does not know how to fight. In order to learn, Cherry approaches Berlin, one of the best fighters in the stadium. Berlin, however, wants nothing to do with her, and Cherry realizes the hardest fights do not take places in the arena…

Excerpt: Fight For You

 Berlin sighed and rolled her eyes as Cherry followed her behind the house, babbling about learning to fight. She ignored Cherry as she removed her leather armor in practiced motions, unlacing her tall boots until they slipped off and loosening the ties on the sides of her shorts until she could wriggle out of them. Despite the lacings between her breasts and the various straps across the front, she unbuckled the choker around her neck and undid the back laces to remove her cropped top.

Reaching for a bucket of rainwater, she poured it over her upturned face, letting the water run down her naked body. Goddess, it felt good. She poured more across her chest and shoulders to wash away the sweat and dirt and realized the babbling had stopped. Finally. She turned and saw Cherry frozen and staring at her. She set the pitcher aside and pushed her dripping red hair out of her eyes. “You want me to train you?”

Cherry nodded furiously. “Yes. I want to be a fighter. I want to get out of The Zone.”

Without warning, Berlin launched herself forward, tackling Cherry and bearing her to the ground with no resistance. Wet body pressed firmly against Cherry’s, Berlin pulled a face. She hadn’t expected much from the pretty blonde girl, but she had assumed she could at least defend herself a little. How long had she been in The Zone? A week? “That’s it?”

Cherry’s breathing was shallow, and her heart was pounding. Her green eyes were wide, but she couldn’t decide where to look—Berlin’s face or the bare breasts right in front of her.

Berlin snorted, no longer phased by unabashed lusty looks. “There’s just as much skin to distract you in the arena.”

Cherry’s brain kicked back in, and she squirmed out from beneath Berlin. She was pinned again a few moments later, but not before Berlin saw something that interested her.

“You’re flexible,” she commented, sitting casually on the grass nearby, arms resting on her updrawn knee.

In response, Cherry straightened out one leg and lifted the other—vertically and perfectly straight.

It was an impressive move; Berlin could admit that. She looked Cherry over, big green eyes and long waves of golden hair around a youthful face. She was short with a full figure, large breasts and a round bottom, but she looked young despite how mature her assets were. She was flexible, though, and in all her years of fighting, Berlin had never seen anyone quite like Cherry. She wasn’t a fighter, not yet, but Berlin could make her one. If this girl really wanted to get out of The Zone, Berlin could get her there.

She got to her feet, shaking back damp hair beginning to dry in the sun, and watched Cherry scramble up as well. If Cherry failed, it was no reflection on Berlin. She didn’t have anything better to do anyway.

“Fine.” She stuck out her hand, and Cherry shook it with surprise. “There aren’t any spare rooms in this house, but you can bunk with me.” When Cherry opened her mouth to babble her thanks, Berlin held up a hand to stop her. “Don’t thank me yet. You haven’t seen what I’m going to do to you.”