Headshot - CopyI was born in a small town in Northeastern Wisconsin, the oldest of four girls. From an early age, my mom instilled a love of reading in all of us. Many of my childhood memories are of my mom reading Little House on the Prairie books to us during car rides. Naturally, my love of reading everything under the sun turned to writing, which was encouraged by my dad. He was actually the first person to give me the advice “Write what you know” and is always eager to pass along words of wisdom he finds on the subject of writing.

I wrote screenplays for a few years in high school to prepare myself for a career as a Hollywood filmmaker, then decided I wanted to write romance. I picked up dozens of paperbacks from rummage sales and dreamed of writing for a publisher like Harlequin. No matter what storyline I tried, however, I never finished a single novel. I stumbled upon a small LGBT publisher before I’d ever considered seriously writing gay fiction and decided to give it a try.  A month later, I had finished my first novella. Eight years later, I’ve published twenty-three pieces ranging from short stories to novellas. I’m a member of WisRWA (the Wisconsin chapter of the Romance Writers of America). I was previously the Vice President of Programming and I now coordinate the Write Touch Reader’s Award Contest. I love learning the ins and outs of writing romance as both an art and a business.

In my spare time, I enjoy painting and crafting of all kinds. I also love to bake. I admit to being one of those people whose desk (who am I kidding? My “desk” has migrated all over the living room) is a mess, but I can always find what I’m looking for. I love planning and coordinating things, even things that really don’t need to be planned at all. (Do you know that movie where Ashton Kutcher prepares an itinerary for date night? I’ve totally done that.) I also enjoy spending time outside, hiking in the woods, and going for walks.

I still live in small town Northeastern Wisconsin, now with my other half Nathanial and our fur baby, a pit bull named Molly.