How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days | 3 Stars

How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days
by Kerrelyn Sparks
3 Stars

Right off the bat, the narrative read like a historical, but in a way that it sounded like a bard was reading me a story. It made it a little difficult to get immersed in the story because the narrative style kept reminding me that I was reading a book. Another difficulty I had was in determining what age group the story was written for, not that it stopped me from reading it either way. To me, it seems that the story is written in a YA tone, but I was surprised by the high heat level. It was an interesting story, and it definitely improved after the first few pages of overwhelming backstory on the world we are thrust into. If you enjoy stories with an awkward “first time” scene, this one takes the cake. It was actually so awkward that I was a bit mortified for both of them – but again, if that’s something you enjoy, then you will love this scene. I will probably read the next book in this series, because I am intrigued by the world and the characters, it’s just the narrative style that isn’t quite what I usually read.

Nobility Was Inspired By Shrek

Nobility was inspired by Shrek, one of my favorite movies to listen to while I write. I really liked the idea of a princess locked away in a tower, being rescued by a knight in shining armor… and neither of them actually fitting the stereotype they’re playing. In Nobility, Danna is a princess locked away in a tower, but she wasn’t cursed. Actually, she ASKED her fairy godmother to put her there to escape an arranged marriage. Nobelle is a thief with her face plastered on wanted posters all over the kingdom. Her only chance to escape the noose is to rescue and marry the princess, even though she doesn’t want to rescue the princess and the princess doesn’t want to be rescued.

Fun fact? This story was originally published as a m/m romance several years ago, before I revamped it to be f/f. I personally prefer this version myself, but maybe one day I’ll release them both together and let readers decide.

Check out Nobility today!

A Million Little Things | 4 Stars

A Million Little Things
By Susan Mallery
4 Stars

I love this author’s writing style. That’s the first thing that sucks you in and does not let you go. Seriously, it was hard to put down this book to go back to things that needed to be done. Like, going to work. I particularly enjoyed that the three storylines we’re following are all of different aged women at different points in their relationships: a young woman dating, a married woman and her husband, and a widow venturing into the dating world again. I thought it was an intriguing angle to view relationships from different points in life, all from within the same book. As a younger reader, I don’t go looking for books about grandma’s falling in love again. It’s just not something I go looking for. I thought it was very clever for the author to combine these three age groups/markets in one book, so that even if one of the storylines isn’t something you usually read, there’s still something in the story for everyone.

Other than the author’s cleverness in that regard, the book was definitely a fun and delightful read. Did I mention how much I love her writing style? I did, but I’ll say it again. Her voice is fun, charming, and clever, and this is a book that you will enjoy reading!

Kris Allen Inspired the Maze Scene in Words of Divinity

Okay, this one takes a little bit of backstory, since the song doesn’t necessarily tie into the scene itself. I LOVE Kris Allen’s music, and back in the day, I thought I was going to become a music video director. (A bit of a difference from where I am now, huh?) I wrote dozens of music video treatments and they’re all locked away in the vault somewhere (aka, a forgotten folder on my laptop). For Kris Allen’s song “Before We Come Undone,” I envisioned a maze scene very similar to the maze scene in Words of Divinity: two characters making their way through a maze while two people outside the maze are playing a maze board game that magically relates directly to what’s happening to our characters inside. Check it out in Words of Divinity.

Four Letter Word | 5 Stars

Four Letter Word
By J. Daniels
5 Stars

Easily the best book I have read in a LONG time. I can’t remember the last time I stayed up through the night to read a book (it may have been Twilight), but I couldn’t put this book down. The storyline was super fun and intriguing (two people drawn together not only by a misdial, but a ranting misdial at who they thought was a friend’s former lover? love it!). The relationship developed so naturally, and I loved the technology aspect. It can be difficult to show a relationship building via text, but J. Daniels pulled it off brilliantly! And the characters! I swooned over Brian (more than once). He is so well rounded and is a dream man. Sydney (the heroine) was fun, relatable, and enjoyable to read. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun sexy romance. Can’t wait to start book 2!

Enemies to Lovers

After a failed attempt at a romantic fling, Liam and Daniel spend the next three years at each other’s’ throats. They’re far from kind to each other and barely civil. Because of this, their romance takes a long time to develop. Before it can, they have to move past the years of insults between them, which is no simple task. In fact, it takes a fair amount of the book for them to stop insulting each other whenever they feel snubbed. Still, I feel that their relationship develops very naturally as they overcome their petty grievances – something that isn’t always common in a romance, where people become lovers overnight. Read more in Words of Divinity.

Words of Divinity – The Soundtrack

I listened to Nickel Creek’s self-titled album fairly exclusively while I was writing Words of Divinity (both the original write, and the updates for the second edition), to the point where it has become the book’s unofficial soundtrack for me. It’s not that the lyrics for the songs themselves represent my story (example: The Lighthouse’s Tale, a beautiful heartbreaking song that has nothing to do with my book, but I love it just the same), but the style of music really inspires me. “Reasons Why” is the unofficial theme song of my book – again, not completely because of the lyrics themselves but that the idea of people having their own reasons why they’ve done what they’ve done is a recurring theme in Words of Divinity. Listen to the album today – and get your copy of Words of Divinity!

That Night With The CEO | 2 Stars

That Night With The CEO
By Karen Booth
2 Stars

I was so disappointed by this book! This was my first Harlequin Desire, and (as the name suggests) I was expected a spicy read. Even the premise of the book and its own name led me to anticipate a hot, sensual read with high chemistry and sexual tension. Unfortunately, it fell short. I didn’t feel a burning passion between the characters, even in their bedroom scene. The hero was crafted very well, and his interactions with his family are relatable and easily sympathized with, but this didn’t make up for the lack of steam I was hoping for.