I have a few projects I’m currently working on. Stop by my blog for updates on the Christmas romance my Dad and I are writing together, A Second Chance for a Christmas Wedding.

Is it too late for a second chance at their own happily ever after?
Seventeen-year-old Sara Davis wanted nothing more than a Christmas wedding to the love of her life, but somehow it just wasn’t meant to be. Fast forward thirty years and one divorce later, and she finds herself face to face with her high school sweetheart: the father of the groom at her daughter’s engagement party. That’s right. Her daughter is marrying his son, and as they work side by side to rebuild Sara’s inn in time for their kids’ Christmas vows, sparks (and tempers) fly faster than the winds of a winter storm.  

Can she hold on to her family restaurant and her heart?
To save her family restaurant, Ellena marries Nico, whose family has been trying to steal that restaurant for decades. She only sees it as a business deal, but Nico isn’t looking for another boardroom partner. He’s looking for a wife. Things quickly gets personal as they work side by side to renovate and reopen the restaurant, and husband and wife find themselves falling in love. But when the family secret’s Nico’s been keeping from her are exposed, Ellena questions the life choices she’s made and the delicate relationship she and Nico worked so hard to build.

Can she build a relationship while rebuilding the town?
When Angie Moretti starts a sexy summer fling while rebuilding homes after a tornado, she makes it clear that she has no desire to build a real relationship with him.
Jamie Rivera can build a house with his eyes closed. But building a ladder tall enough to get over the walls Angie has built around her heart, not to mention the long list of rules she insists on to keep their relationship casual? It’s a heck of a lot harder, but he’s not one to back down from a challenge.