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Categories: Fantasy ● Lesbian
Length: 12,000 words
Originally Released: March 2015
Available: August 2019
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Determined to escape an arranged marriage, and with very few options available, Danna brings a curse down on herself and settles into life in an enchanted tower. The very last thing she needs or wants is to be rescued by anyone other than her true love, no matter how beautiful or compelling her unexpected rescuer is. Nobelle is desperate to avoid the hangman’s noose, and as last ditch efforts go her life could be worse than rescuing a bratty princess. But an easy way to stay alive turns into a complicated tangle of lies as she and Danna grow closer and Nobelle has no easy way to admit that she’s no knight in shining armor…


For Queen and County For Queen and Country
Categories: Fantasy ● Trans
Length: 16,000 words
Originally Released: November 2017
Available: November 2019
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Kyrrin is a knight of the Queen’s Guard and has sworn to protect the Queen with his life. When the Queen falls ill from some magical malady, the entire kingdom rallies to her cause, but to no avail. Just when he is about to lose all hope, Kyrrin is given a map to a magical flower that just might save her. Along the way he meets Arriyah, an Outlander with special gifts, who changes everything.



Saints & Sinners
Categories: Contemporary ● Gay
Length: 3,500 words
Originally Released: February 2012
Available: January 2020

Ephraim is quiet, shy, and sweet—a good boy through and through.  He’s a hopeless romantic that prefers to write musicals instead of taking a chance that could lead to his own happily ever after.  But when he gets dragged along to a Valentine’s Day singles’ party, he meets Jason—a sexy bad boy with secrets and a reputation for breaking hearts.  To the naked eye, the two couldn’t be more different, but it turns out that there’s much more to both of them than meets the eye.


Fight For You - 2nd edition - Copy

Fight For You
Categories: Fantasy ● Lesbian
Length: 18,000 words
Originally Released: June 2012
Available: March 2020

Sold off to pay her father’s debts, Cherry spends her nights dancing and her days longing for freedom. Determined to break free of her life, she transfers from the dance halls to the stadiums where all the real money is made. The only problem with her plan is that she’s not a fighter. In order to learn, Cherry approaches Berlin, one of the best fighters in the stadium. Berlin, however, wants nothing to do with her, and Cherry realizes the hardest fights do not take place in the arena…


watmThe Wolf and the Moon
Categories: Fantasy ● Gay
Length: 22,000 words
Originally Released: February 2017
Available: May 2020

Dag’s life is an endless series of battles, as he fights Challenge after Challenge for the amusement of others, his interest in life lost when he killed his own lover. In the middle of his latest Challenge, he encounters a familiar face… Dag is no longer the man he used to be. Neither is Myka, but the ten years that separated them may prove to be more than their love can survive.


Watch as My World EndsWatch as My World Ends
Categories: Fantasy ● Gay
Length: 22,000 words
Originally Released: March 2012
Available: July 2020

An angelic soldier during the Apocalypse, Nathan defied God and had his wings ripped out. He has found unhappy refuge in a small community run by a tyrant and sells his body to keep food on the table. He has suppressed all emotion and lives day to day, struggling to survive the Apocalypse and hoping for it all to end—until he meets Dakota, an angelic hit man bent on spiritually saving them both…



Categories: Fantasy ● Gay
Length: 10,000 words
Originally Released: June 2017
Available: September 2020

Pip is a hopeless romantic living in a small town with his cobbler father when his evil stepmother spreads a rumor that he can turn pebbles into jewels and make those precious gems into slippers. When the Aelfin king hears of this, he has Pip captured and thrown in the dungeon. Pip has one night to make the king a pair of gemstone slippers, or his life is forfeit. Luckily for Pip, who has never worked with a single gemstone much less an entire slipper’s worth, the king’s son has magical powers that can make bejeweled slippers—and he wants revenge on the king for casting him out. The two strike a bargain, but one pair of jeweled slippers leads to more and more demands, and Pip swiftly runs out of things to trade, until all that remains is his heart…


Cover coming soonFallen Angel
Categories: Contemporary ● Gay
Length: 32,500 words
Originally Released: April 2013
Available: November 2020

When Jackson lands a job to join his favorite band on tour for a few weeks, he think he’s finally gotten his chance. An unexpected attraction to the band’s frontman, however, adds complications to the tour that neither of them wants. Trying to work through it only seems to heap more problems upon their head, and Jackson starts to wonder if he’s finally gotten his big break, or if he’s just going to be left broken.