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This is another old story I never published but found in my archives and thought I would share for the holidays. Please be advised that there is explicit sexual content in this story. Please do not continue reading if you are under age eighteen or are opposed to content of this nature.
Happy Holidays!


The Retreat

“Cancelled? What do you mean the flight is cancelled?”

“It’s the snow, sir. We’re expecting two inches before midnight.”

Brandon hung up with as much frustration as he could vent into pressing the ‘End Call’ button, far less satisfying than slamming an actual phone receiver. He pinched the bridge of his nose.

Only in Joplin, Missouri did two inches of snow shut down the airport. And only in Joplin, Missouri was there only one flight—the flight—a day. It wasn’t even a slow travel day; it was Christmas Eve, for goodness sake. It was Christmas Eve, and he was going to get to Chicago if it killed him.

It was the only way he was going to keep his relationship with Josh alive.

“You know, babe,” Josh said from where he sat sprawled on the couch, watching Brandon pace, “we can just spend Christmas in Joplin. We’ll have a white Christmas and all that. Didn’t you say you haven’t had one of those since you were little?”

Brandon was not convinced. There was no way Josh would rather spend his Christmas building a snowman than having the kinkiest sex of his life, no matter what he said.

“We’re going to Chicago.” Bandon dialed the Springfield airport. It was only seventy miles away. Who cared if Joplin snowplows only came out in the summer? He’d snowshoe to Springfield before he cancelled their weekend.

“Yes, I need to book two tickets on your next flight to Chicago.”

Not three minutes later, Brandon hung up that call as well. The next open seats weren’t for five days, well after The Retreat was over. After all of Brandon’s careful planning, after booking their tickets two months in advance, after talking to Josh’s boss and getting him approved for time off during the blackout days around Christmas…

No. Brandon was not admitting defeat.

“Get your stuff,” he said, picking up his duffel back. “I’m driving us to Chicago.”

“Baby, it’s snowing.

“Pfft,” Brandon scoffed, checking his bag one more time. “You considered this a dusting back in New York, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but this isn’t New York. It’s Joplin. It’s practically—”

“We are not ‘practically the South,'” Brandon interrupted hotly.

Josh grinned, showing off his straight white teeth, like a mouthwash model. “Yeah, but just like the South, your entire world shuts down because of an inch of snow. Back in New York, this was still walk-to-school weather.”

“My world is not shutting down.” Brandon zipped his duffel bag. “We’re going to Chicago. If we leave now, we’ll still get there in time; we’ll only miss check in.” He slung the bag over his shoulder. “Well? Are you coming?”

Josh grinned again. “You bet I am.”

Brandon’s apartment was securely locked and they were bundled and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

The roads were shit. Fairly empty, especially for noon on Christmas Eve, but sloppy and slippery.

Brandon white knuckled the wheel of his car and kept the odometer hovering around 16. Josh had hitch hiked his way across the country from New York heading for LA before taking a hiatus in Joplin for the past several months, and he owned neither a car nor a driver’s license.

“Look.” Josh pointed to the Baptist church. “The Christmas Eve service is cancelled. Even church is closed.”

“Joplin winter lasts for about two weeks,” Brandon retorted, keeping his eyes on the road. “And it’s usually not ’til February.”

“Oh look! That’s a useful place for the snowplows.” There were two of them parked in a lot with snow gathering on them. They were 1) Joplin’s entire plow crew, and 2) not going to be operated until well after the snow stopped. Hopefully the roads would be cleared by the time they returned from their Christmas weekend.

When Brandon gripped the wheel a little tighter, it had nothing to do with the blustery snow and everything to do with the excitement and nerves fluttering in his chest.

Josh was sexually adventurous and Brandon was not. That was the best way to sum up their predicament in the bedroom. Their sex life was great, from Brandon’s point of view, but he knew Josh itched for more. When Josh told stories or mentioned past conquests, he talked of all sorts of kinky things: nipple clamps, sex tapes, fisting, threesomes. Brandon’s wildest story took place in the back of a friend’s pick up on the outskirts of a bonfire.

He’d never had a problem with his simple sex life, never felt an urge to buy G-strings or drip wax on someone. But Josh did.

To his credit, Josh never pushed for adventure, never complained of another doggy style night with the lights off. But Brandon knew Josh missed all the crazy stories of his past life, his life before Joplin, before Brandon.

When Brandon heard Josh casually mention to a friend that he was thinking about hitting the road and continuing the second leg of his cross country adventure… well, that had settled it. The very next day, Brandon had gone online and found the retreat. The perfect Christmas gift of sexual fantasy, with seminars and salesmen ready to supply their every desire.

Joplin was in the middle of nowhere. It existed as a halfway point between major cities, a refueling place for travelers. Josh had stopped to refuel, and if Brandon had any say in the matter, he’d find a way to keep him for good.

And what better way than filling their relationship with amazing kinky sex? Brandon set his focus on the road, and everywhere that it was going to take him.


The snow didn’t lighten up. It only got worse as the sun went down, but Brandon wasn’t stopping. So what if he was only driving thirty miles an hour down the highway? It was better than zero miles an hour, and he was going to get to Chicago if it killed him.

He realized that that was a poor figure of speech when the wind picked up, blowing the snow in a mesmerizing tunnel straight into Brandon’s line of view. He slowed to a crawl, hardly able to see. How were they going to get to Chicago like this?

“Baby, I think we should just stop somewhere for the night,” Josh suggested once again. Each time before, Brandon had shrugged it off. He had planned this trip; he was going to make it happen.

But his diehard spirit was failing.

Just then, a deer came out of nowhere. Brandon slammed on the brakes, but the snow covered roads offered no traction and the car went careening out of control.

They came to a hard stop in a snowbank. For a moment, Brandon just gasped for air, his heart pounding. They were alive; they were okay.

But was his car okay?

He gunned the motor but it was pointless. The car wasn’t going anywhere. He didn’t even have anything in the car that could help them. Josh had told him that in the rest of the country, where snow was prevalent, people kept shovels or, strange as it sounded, kitty litter in their cars to get out of situations like this.

But driving to Chicago hadn’t been the plan. No, Brandon’s careful plan had involved a flight to Chicago, where they would have already been settled into their hotel room splurging on room service or a hot tub soak.

Not stuck in a snowbank in the middle of nowhere in the dark.

“Hey!” Josh exclaimed, his face lit by the glow of his cell phone. “I get reception out here—and Internet!” He pushed a button or two and talked to a tow truck company.

Brandon let his head fall onto the steering wheel. It was over. All over. The cancelled flight had dashed his plans, but he had worked around it. The shitty roads had dampened his spirit, but he had kept going.

But this? This was the end, the proverbial last straw. There was no coming back from this. It was almost eight o’clock; the revised plan said they should have been in Chicago by then, not in some backwoods barely past the Illinois side of St. Louis.

It was time to admit defeat.

“The tow truck guy said we got lucky,” Josh said, ending the call.

Brandon snorted. Lucky? That was the one thing he wasn’t. If he found a free lottery ticket just then, he’d probably also find a way of losing money.

“Yeah. He was just closing up for the night when he heard the phone ring. He agreed to make one last trip before heading home for Christmas.”

“Great.” Just great. He’d dig them out of the ditch and then what? Were they going to sleep on the couch of some crazy Midwest trucker?

“He’s only a few miles away. He should be here any minute.”

Brandon banged his head against the steering wheel, and Josh caught his shoulder, pulling him back.

“Hey.” He waited until Brandon turned miserably toward him. “It’s okay, baby.” Josh smiled at him reassuringly. “It’s okay.”

Brandon restrained himself from informing Josh that it was not okay, that not only had two months of planning been completely thrown down the drain, but Christmas was ruined, and God only knew what was going to happen to their relationship. He doubted ‘okay’ described any of those things.

He was in a daze of misery when the tow truck arrived and easily pulled them out of the bank. The tow truck driver assured Josh that the car was just fine and reminded them just how lucky they were, again. Their third piece of luck was that the small town he lived in just happened to have a charming little motel with rooms available, and they could follow him there.

Brandon didn’t even speak, just put the car into gear and drove slowly behind the tow truck, feeling like he was in a hearse on the way to the cemetery.

He pulled into the parking lot of the small motel as the tow truck driver drove past the still open gas station and into the darkness. It truly was a small town if the only open businesses were a motel and a gas station.

Then again, he reminded himself viciously, it was Christmas Eve and the rest of the world hadn’t had their plans blow up in their face.

“C’mon,” Josh said gently, unbuckling. “Let’s go get a room.”

Brandon didn’t reply, just got out of the car, slammed the door shut with more force than necessary, and sucked in a breath of cold night air and snowflakes.

“I love you,” Josh said, to which Brandon gruffly replied, “Yeah, me too.”

He pulled his jacket tighter and trudged through the still falling snow and into the tiny lobby.

It was warm: warm temperature, warm colored walls, warm homey lighting. But Brandon couldn’t have cared less. He just wanted to go to sleep and make this disaster pass that much quicker.

The small reception desk was empty apart for a phone with a handwritten sign asking them to call for assistance.

When Brandon didn’t move, Josh picked up the receiver and dialed. “Hi… we’re looking for a room? Thanks.” He hung up and turned to Brandon. “She’ll be right down.”

Brandon just nodded shortly, his perfect Christmas completely and utterly ruined.

“Oh, hello dears!” The landlady was a little old granny with a large Christmas tree pin on her cat print bathrobe, slippers on her feet, and curlers in her hair. “I had a feeling some holiday travelers might need to wait out this storm. Traveling to see family for Christmas, I bet.” She didn’t give them time to answer but bustled behind the desk and started putting things in a basket. “It’ll pass soon enough, don’t you worry. Here’s a little hot cocoa to warm up those bones. Oh, and do take some cookies too.” She finally paused and looked up over her glasses. “One room or two?”

Again, Josh took the lead when Brandon didn’t. “One, please.”

“Oh, that’ll be cozy.” She handed him a key. “Four doors down on the right, give you some privacy.” She passed him the basket as well. “Merry Christmas, boys!”

Brandon continued his sour mood trudge back to the car to grab their bags and into the homey little suite, even when Josh attempted to hold his hand.

Inside, the motel was small and quaint, with a farm themed décor—and a small decorated Christmas tree.

Just great, Brandon thought a he dumped his bag on the bedroom floor. Now he could be constantly reminded that his failure was responsible for the worst Christmas ever.

“This place is cute,” Josh commented, glancing around.

Brandon gave him a dark look. Cute? He didn’t want cute. He would’ve booked them a bed and breakfast if he’d wanted cute. Or gotten him a teddy bear. He wanted sex, desire, kink. They were supposed to be at The Retreat just then, surrounded by frisky adventurous couples, learning erotic tricks and moves.

Not anymore.

“Oh, baby.” Josh gave him a smile and took him into his arms. “This is an adventure. Just think of the story you’ll be able to tell your grandkids.”

Brandon pulled away. He didn’t want a story to tell his grandkids; he wanted a story to tell their grandkids—or better yet, one too dirty to tell any family members.

“I’m gonna go to the gas station quick,” Josh said. “We’ll probably be here a day or two before the roads are clear—if Joplin’s roads are ever clear before summer gets here.” When Brandon didn’t laugh, Josh continued, “I’m gonna pick up some grub. Wanna come?”

Brandon shook his head. “I’m gonna shower and just go to bed.”

Josh sighed but didn’t comment. “Okay. I’ll see you in a bit.” He kissed Brandon’s cheek and left.

Brandon tugged off his shoes and tossed them toward the wall with a little too much ferocity, but they hit it with a satisfying smack.

How had this happened? All his careful plans, all his preparations. All his hard work for nothing because of a freak snowstorm.

It wasn’t fair. This trip was going to convince Josh to stay. He’d done so much research. He’d learned so much about kinky sex. Hell, he had a box of sex toys in the trunk that he’d bought for Josh to try at The Retreat.

He paused in pulling his shirt over his head. He knew about Josh’s kind of adventurous sex. He had the toys. Maybe, just maybe…

Not knowing how long Josh would be at the gas station, he raced to the car barefoot and grabbed the box of toys.

He took the fastest most thorough shower of his life, lubed up his ass, and slid a fat plug inside. Josh had a big cock, and Brandon wanted to be ready for him.

He dug a pair of handcuffs out of the box. By some miracle, the headboard of the bed was made of bars, and he was able to loop an extra chain to the top where it wouldn’t slide down and attached the cuffs to it with a sturdy clip. This would give him a little more flexibility than just winding the cuffs around a bar. He’d read that on a blog and seen the pictures to prove it.

Just then, he heard Josh return. He dove onto the bed and quickly fastened the cuffs. He tried to assume a sexy position and convince his heart to stop racing while Josh puttered in the kitchen.

He tried to take deep breaths while he waited. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe Josh wasn’t in the mood and just wanted to go to bed. That was what Brandon had told him he was going to do.

But he was cuffed to the headboard and it was too late to change his mind.

“Hey babe? Do you—oh.” Josh stopped short when he walked into the bedroom and saw Brandon lying naked and chained to the bed.

“Merry Christmas?” After the words came out like a question, Brandon berated himself for not sounding confident.


“This is your Christmas present.” Brandon licked his lips nervously and jerked his chin toward the toy box beside the bed. “That box of toys and… and me. If you want to.”

“Fuck yeah,” Josh said and pounced. He straddled Brandon and took his face in his hands, kissing him thoroughly.

“You’re in charge,” Brandon gasped. “You can do anything you want.”

Josh pulled back. “Anything?”

Brandon swallowed and nodded. “I know about Red/Yellow safewords. I want you to…” What did he want Josh to do?

“Fuck, Brandon, I want you too.”

Josh kissed his way over Brandon’s abdomen, fingers tracing his ribs. Brandon couldn’t help holding his breath, nervous about what was coming next. He was handcuffed to the bed in a room full of sex toys; Josh wasn’t going to spend the night kissing.

“Relax, baby,” Josh murmured, kissing just below his belly button. “I got you.”

He got off the bed and crouched down in front of the toy box, rifling through it.

Brandon took a few breaths, trying to relax his muscles. He couldn’t help but think of all the toys in that box, some of the Internet’s less threatening suggestions. He couldn’t help think of the shudder inducing suggestions that he hadn’t bought: a fist shaped dildo, for example, or a double ended dildo gag.

Josh came back to the bed, kneeling beside him. He ran his fingers through Brandon’s short hair. “Do you trust me?”

Brandon’s breath caught, but he nodded instinctively. Would he have done all this if he didn’t?

“Say it,” Josh insisted.

“I trust you.” Brandon felt his muscles loosen just a bit—until Josh tied a blindfold over his eyes.

“This will help,” Josh said, “help you relax.”

Relax? Brandon couldn’t see what Josh was doing, couldn’t prepare himself for what was coming next.

“Stop thinking,” Josh instructed, settling between his thighs. “Just feel. And enjoy.”

Josh took his cock into his mouth and Brandon moaned, bucking his hips automatically. Josh’s large hands settled on his thighs, pressing him down into the mattress.

Josh sucked on the head of his cock, slow and wet and torturous. Brandon groaned and stretched, adjusting his grip on the bars of the headboard.

Just then, Josh swallowed all the way down to his balls, deep throating him, and Brandon flexed and bucked.


He gasped; Josh had spanked his balls, and it stung.

“I told you to stay still,” Josh said, his voice firm but not angry. “I want you to do as you’re told.”

Brandon took a deep breath. His balls felt a little tight, nothing more. He let the breath go. “Okay.” Stay still and let his boyfriend blow him? He could do that.

“Okay?” Josh repeated, and his tone said Brandon had given the wrong answer. “That’s not how you answer me.”

Brandon thought for a beat. “Yes… sir.”

Josh kissed his balls. “Good boy,” he said and returned to sucking his cock.

Brandon sighed and relaxed into the pillows. This wasn’t bad, certainly not as bad as he’d let himself get worked up over. Nothing to be afraid of. Maybe he shouldn’t have waited so long to try it.

Josh pulled off his dick with a long hard suck. “Don’t go soft. I’ll be right back.”

Brandon’s butterflies threatened to eat him from the inside out before Josh was back on the bed.

He slid his hands up Brandon’s legs from his calves, then suddenly pushed his thighs up and out, spreading his ass. Brandon suddenly remembered the plug when it moved inside him.

“Mmm.” Josh held up his thighs with one forearm and flicked the head of the plug, making Brandon gasp. “We were thinking along the same lines.”

He gripped the plug and pulled it part of the way out, stopping when the fattest part was stretching Brandon’s asshole.

Brandon groaned. He wanted Josh to fuck him. He’d used the plug to loosen himself up so that he could take Josh’s cock right away, no foreplay needed. He rolled his hips, trying to encourage Josh to sink his cock into him, but instead, Josh pulled out the plug, leaving him wide open.

Josh did something at the foot of the bed that Brandon couldn’t see, and Brandon whimpered at the open empty feeling.

“Trust me,” Josh said, the newly lubed plug sliding back into his ass.

Brandon groaned. He didn’t the plug; he wanted Josh’s rock hard cock balls deep in his ass, pounding him into the mattress.

“Don’t come,” Josh instructed. “That’s an order.” Then he touched something and the plug began to vibrate.

“Holy fuck!” Brandon gasped, arching up off the bed and then bearing down. He’d never used a vibrator before; he’d read somewhere that people overused them and then couldn’t come without them. He hadn’t put in the vibrator plug before; Josh must have switched it. But he certainly wasn’t complaining.

Brandon adored the vibrator. He’d suspected he would. Once, in what he’d thought at the time to be particularly kinky lovemaking session, Josh had fucked him while wearing a vibrating cock ring. When he’d sunk balls deep into Brandon, the ring sent the most delicious vibrations straight to Brandon’s prostate, and he’d come twice before Josh. Josh had admitted that the ring hadn’t really done anything for him, so Brandon had never asked to use it again.

Now, though… he released the bars and let his wrists hang, held up only by the cuffs while he squeezed the vibe in his ass. He could feel the vibrations in his cock, his teeth, his toes.

Brandon cried out when Josh took him in his mouth again.

Oh God. It was the sloppiest blowjob ever, wet and slick, Josh’s spit dripping down his balls to his asshole, where the vibe was still making him tremble all over. Josh cupped his balls, which suddenly got tight.

Oh fuck, he was gonna come.

Josh tightened his grip, fingers digging into Brandon’s thigh almost painfully, reminding him that he wasn’t allowed to come. Brandon whimpered. He tried to fight it, he did. He tried to push it away, push it back, but the feeling was overwhelming and within moments the wave of his orgasm was crashing down on him like an ocean.

When Josh pulled off and removed the vibrator from his ass, Brandon hung limply from the headboard. He felt boneless, weightless, like jelly. Like jelly in outerspace.

He smiled. He’d come so hard he was silly.

Josh flipped him over, surprising Brandon with his strength while Brandon scrambled to get a new handhold, both on the bars and on the moment as his afterglow was still swallowing him.

“I told you not to come.” He spanked Brandon’s ass, and Brandon cried out, more in surprise than pain.

“I’m going to spank you twenty times,” Josh continued, “so you learn your lesson. Count them.”

Josh spanked him again.

“One.” Brandon flushed red. How humiliating. He was completely naked on his knees in front of Josh, who, for all he knew, was still fully clothed. He wished he wasn’t wearing the blindfold; he wished he could look back and read Josh’s expression. Was he enjoying punishing Brandon? Was he really angry that Brandon had come?

“Two!” Josh smacked the other cheek, and it stung. He was supposed to take twenty of these? He’d never been a pain glutton; he’d never understood people who got off on pain. What was sexy about being hurt? What was erotic about pushing himself to the edge and trying not to fall off?

Just before Josh spanked him again, he realized it wasn’t the pain he wanted, that he was going to get off to. It was his own strength, his own determination that was sexy. Proving that he could endure anything, that nothing was going to break him. That he trusted Josh to take him to the edge of his limits.

Brandon gasped in a breath. He could do this. He knew that if he told Josh to stop, if he used the safeword ‘red’ that he’d heard Josh talk about, that Josh would stop. He’d uncuff him, kiss him, and they’d make love like they’d done a hundred times before.

But Brandon didn’t want to. He wanted this. He wanted to show Josh that he could do it.

He wanted to show himself that he could do it.

“Four,” he gasped. He could do this. It was just a spanking—albeit an incredibly arousing spanking from his boyfriend. He’d been spanked as a child, hadn’t he? He couldn’t remember.


He let himself get lost in Josh’s steady strikes, anticipating each, breathing carefully between them.

At twelve, he had to admit that his ass stung, and he was wincing more with each smack. It burned when Josh struck a spot he’d just done, but if he spread them out like he did, Brandon found it easier to handle. Josh was experienced at this, he realized, and knew what he was doing—doing to Brandon.

At seventeen, each blow made him cringe away. He wanted to stop, but he didn’t. It was only three more; the end was in sight. He could do this.

“Twenty.” With relief, he sagged down on the bed.

“Oh no,” Josh said, taking hold of his hips and pulling him back onto his knees.

Brandon tightened his grip on the headboard at the feel of the head of Josh’s thick cock pressing against his asshole.

“You can come, if you can,” Josh said.

Brandon couldn’t help it; he moaned shamelessly when Josh slid every inch of his cock inside him. He was so sensitive still from the vibrator that it felt like his nerve endings were alive at the slightest touch.

There was nothing slight about Josh’s cock. He was hung like a horse, and Brandon clung to the headboard as Josh plowed his ass. There was no delicate euphemism for the way Josh was fucking him, for the animalist way Josh was pounding inside him as if his life depended on it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Brandon cried, his ass tightening around Josh’s cock.

“That’s right, baby,” Josh gasped out, picking up speed. “Don’t be quiet.”

“Shit, Josh! Oh, baby, fuck, fuck, fuck… fuck!” He babbled senselessly, beginning to shake.

“Uh-huh. C’mon, baby. C’mon Brandon.” Brandon could hear the desperate need in Josh’s voice, could feel it in the movement of his hips.

Brandon cried out. “Josh—Josh, I’m gonna—”

“Me too!”

Brandon came with a cry, and Josh did the same.

Josh draped himself over Brandon’s back, hot and solid, and Brandon smiled until his thighs began to tremble.

“Oh, sorry,” Josh muttered, shifting to the side and removing Brandon’s blindfold.

He blinked a few times as Josh uncuffed him, then unconsciously rubbed at his wrists. Josh tossed the come-stained pillow to the floor and pulled Brandon against his chest.

“Mmm,” Brandon sighed, snuggling closer.

Josh took Brandon’s hands in his, sliding his thumb over Brandon’s wrist. “Are your wrists okay?” he murmured.

Brandon smiled. “All of me is great.

Josh smiled back. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Brandon wriggled into the most comfortable position and closed his eyes, suddenly exhausted.

Josh shifted away and Brandon pouted. “No…”

“I’m just shutting off the lights,” Josh whispered, stretching away and click the bedside lamp off, before curling up with Brandon and falling asleep.


When Brandon woke the next morning, the sunlight streaming into the window was reflecting off the snow and shining far too brightly. Brandon rolled over with a groan—into the empty side of the bed.

He cracked open his sleep-filled eyes. The bed was empty; Josh was nowhere to be seen. He sat up, pulling the blanket around himself self-consciously even though he was alone.

Why was he alone? Why wasn’t Josh there with him? Where was he?

He was too sleep-ridden to answer questions so early. He struggled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom to splash cold water on his face. The jolt woke him up but didn’t answer his questions.

Last night had been a big deal to Brandon. Hadn’t it been to Josh? Had Brandon done something wrong? Had he not lived up to Josh’s expectations? He thought it had been pretty great.

Remembering, he turned to admire his ass in the mirror. Sure enough, there were still faint pink welts across his skin. He smiled. He liked that, having the constant reminder right there.

He heard a light clatter in the next room. Josh. With a deep breath, Brandon put on a bathrobe from the back of the door and tied the sash. It was time to find out what had driven Josh away.

Brandon left the bedroom and stopped short when he entered the living area. There were wrapped presents beneath the little decorated tree. There was a red and green ‘Merry Christmas’ sign strung on the wall, and glittery white snowflakes hung from the ceiling. And in the kitchen, Josh was cooking while only wearing a pair of boxers.


Josh turned to him, smiling. “Hey, baby. Merry Christmas.”

“How… When did you…?” Brandon was confused. When had Josh done all this?

“I picked it up last night, when I went out. I wanted to do something special for you after what you did for me.

“Speaking of which…” He turned back to the stove and scooped the bacon onto two plates. “I called up The Retreat, explained our situation, and in a giving Christmas spirit, they’re giving you a full refund.” He delivered Brandon a plate and kissed him on the cheek before taking a seat at the table.

“They’re also sending us a pamphlet of all their future retreats—not that I want to take them up on it.”

Brandon felt the pit of his stomach drop out. Josh didn’t want to go to a sex retreat anymore? Had the previous night really been such a colossal fuck up?

He sat down at the table and tried to keep his voice light. “No?”

Josh cocked an eyebrow at him and finished chewing a bite of bacon. “We clearly don’t need any help in the kinky sex department.” He grinned. “Not after last night.”

Brandon felt himself blush.

“By the way, how are you feeling?”

The flush deepened. “I feel great.”

Josh smiled; Brandon thought he saw him relax slightly in relief.

Huh. Josh had been nervous about this whole thing, just like Brandon? He’d had no idea. It actually made Brandon feel more at ease about the whole thing.

“Oh, and the airline isn’t refunding our tickets, per se, but we’ve got a fair amount of credit. I’m seeing a vacation in our future.”

Brandon smiled. Josh was planning vacations in their future? That made Brandon feel more secure in their relationship.

He took a bite of toast with jelly.

“Sorry about the food.” Josh truly looked apologetic. “The gas station didn’t have a lot of choices. We’ll be eating pizza for the rest of the weekend.”

Brandon laughed. “Baby, it’s great.”

“I have a surprise for you.”

“Yeah?” Brandon glanced at the Christmas tree.

“No, those are just stuff.” Josh took Brandon’s hands and tugged him to his feet. “I took a management position, at my job. I’m not going anywhere, not to LA or back to New York. I’m happy, right here with you.”

Brandon threw his arms around Josh’s neck and kissed him.

Josh laughed, pulled him a few feet away, and then looked up, grinning.

Brandon looked up too. Mistletoe. Josh really had thought of everything.

Josh kissed him again with a little more urgency, and when he pulled them tight together, Brandon could feel his hard cock.

“Want me to go get some toys?” he asked breathlessly as Josh kissed along the side of his neck.


When Brandon looked at him funny, he amended. “Later? Definitely. But right now, I just want to make love to you on Christmas morning underneath the mistletoe.” He hesitated. “If that’s okay with you.”

Brandon pulled him in for another kiss. “Perfect.”


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