Spaceman by Nick Jonas | 3 Stars

I liked the concept with four themes of quarantine reflecting in the four themes of the songs: distance, indulgence, euphoria, and commitment.  But some of the songs just fell a little flat for me, with the lyrics being a little too… watered down? Commonplace? I didn’t get a sense of honesty from some of them; maybe Nick has difficulty putting certain emotions into words. But there were several moments on the album that struck a chord with me.

  • I really enjoyed this “2Drunk” line: “I think I just hit my stride til I wake up and hate my life.” I think people will relate to that feeling.
  • I absolutely love “This Is Heaven.” A beautiful song, easily the best on the album. This song felt real to me, more than any other song on this one. It compared to “I Believe” from the Jonas Brothers last album.
  • “If I Fall” is another beautiful song. I love the concept, that this will be the last time he ever falls for anyone. I really liked the honesty in this song, that right from the beginning he knew this was it for him and that “everything before was a waste of time.” A really sweet love song.

Spaceman isn’t going to break any records in my opinion and it wasn’t groundbreaking, but it’s an easy album to listen to with a few touching moments.

Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over by Demi Lovato | 4 Stars

I’m a little biased because I’m a fan of Demi’s and I’ve followed her story. This album is very autobiographical, more so about telling the story of her past few years rather than creating pop hits, so it will probably be a bigger success with fans than with those who don’t know what was going on behind the scenes. Still, it’s got big power ballads that are really touching and some fun songs to keep moving forward.

Some of my favorite moments from the album:

  • “Anyone” is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. It’s a very honest and raw song that I think a lot of people will relate to. The live version is my favorite.
  • I love “Dancing With The Devil.” I think a lot of people will relate to this one too, and because I know Demi’s story, I know that this song is completely autobiographical. Another honest song.
  • There’s this one line in “The Way You Don’t Look At Me” that feels so raw and honest: I’m so scared if I undress that you won’t love me after.
  • At first, I wasn’t crazy about “Melon Cake.” I thought the title was silly; what even is a melon cake? Is this another Harry Styles album with fruit songs? And then I looked up the lyrics and realized the true story: when her team was controlling what food she was allowed to eat, Demi had melon cake on her birthday – a watermelon cut in the shape of a cake with lite cool whip topping, since they wouldn’t let her eat cake. This song has quickly become one of my favorites on the album.

I think raw and honest is the best way to describe this album. I think people will find it refreshing; I sure did. So many songs on the radio are candy-coated and watered down to appeal to the masses and to hide the darker parts of ourselves, but Demi comes right out and is brutally honest.