When I Fall | 5 Stars

When I Fall
By J. Daniels
5 Stars

I fell in love with Beth and CJ right from the start. They’re both so sweet and easy to love, both funny and adventurous and so caring. A perfect match. The dance between the two of them as they fought to remain “just friends” was perfectly balanced, never too fast or too slow. Every interaction between them was sweet and funny, and just such a joy to read.

My heart melted every time CJ called her “darlin'” and skipped a beat every time Beth called CJ by his birth name. The pair of them are just so darn sweet to each other! I enjoyed every moment of this book, and as soon as I finished it, I went back to read it again.

The Rancher’s Baby Proposal | 2 Stars

The Rancher’s Baby Proposal
by Barbara White Daille
2 Stars

I was not a fan of this one. Watching the heroine throw herself, repeatedly, at a man she’s had a crush on since third grade, who she’s spent her whole life waiting for and is madly in love with – even though she hasn’t seen him in years and they barely interacted during their school years? I realize romances are daydreams, but this was too much for me. I really didn’t believe that they could have a functional relationship where he loved her the same way she has supposedly loved him since she was a child.

And then his response to their final getting together? I was immediately and completely turned off to him, what a jerk. At the end, I feel like he married her because she loved him so much and loved his son – but not because he felt anything for her.

Sean’s Reckoning | 3 Stars

The Devaney Brothers: Sean’s Reckoning
by Sherryl Woods
3 Stars

I really enjoyed the super-slow build to their relationship. I enjoyed the tension. What didn’t work for me was that neither of them really questioned whether or not they were ready for/wanted a relationship, or if they were ready/wanting something long-term. They both just kept saying that some kind of romantic entanglement was inevitable and I was never really sure that it was what either of them wanted.

The hero came off as too controlling for my liking. I know that he meant well and that many women would enjoy how far he went to do what he thought was best for the heroine, but it was a turnoff for me personally.

Where We Belong | 4 Stars

Where We Belong
By J. Daniels
4 Stars

I really enjoyed this look into married life for Mia and Ben, a reminder that the story doesn’t really end at “happily ever after” or even “the end.” It was sweet and funny and so, so hot. Ben and Mia are sex-deprived when their two adorable children master the art of cock-blocking. They were interrupted so many times during the course of this book that I began to get paranoid every time they would find a minute alone together, afraid that one of their kids was about to pop up and put an end to their antics at any minute! It was a terribly fun read, even if I was on the edge of my seat every time Ben and Mia started getting undressed!

Duchess By Design | 4 Stars

Duchess by Design
by Maya Rodale
4 Stars

It took a little while for me to get into this story (I’m not a big fan of historical romance, so this was no fault of the book’s) but once I did, I really enjoyed it. Smart and sassy is the perfect way to describe Maya Rodale’s writing – and the heroine! I also enjoyed the incorporation of British aristocracy but on American soil, so nothing was as it was expected to be. A fun twist!

I loved that so much of this book focused on the revolution of putting pockets in dresses! At first, I thought it was cute and funny, but then I began to realize just how important pockets really are and how limiting it is for women not to have them. What an eye opener!

All We Want | 4 Stars

All We Want
By J. Daniels
4 Stars

I was so excited for the opportunity to see what comes after “happily ever after,” especially for this couple. I loved that even once they were married and starting a family, Luke and Tessa never really “settled down.” They still fight like cats and dogs, they still f*ck like bunnies. Everything that made us fall in love with Luke and Tessa hasn’t faded into some picture-perfect couple that is so not them. This one will tear at your heartstrings, time and again. And the lowest point? No amount of warnings from the author herself prepared me for THAT punch in the gut. This book will take you through the emotional ringer, but in the best way.

All I Want | 4 Stars

Talk about a girl who can give it as good as she gets it! Tessa and Luke fight like cats and dogs, and while I was sometimes taken aback by how forward they both were in their bickering, I quite enjoyed how evenly matched the two of them were. I never once felt like one was being “mean” to the other, or dishing out more than the other would return to them. I also enjoyed how open both of them were about sex—particularly sex they’d had with other people. I thought it was refreshing to have two characters who had no qualms about seeing other people when they weren’t together, and again, they were evenly matched. Tessa isn’t saving herself for Luke while he’s sleeping his way around town, and vice versa. I think that’s the best way to describe these two: evenly matched. And speaking of sex—woah! These two are hot hot hot!

A Good Yarn | 4 Stars

A Good Yarn
by Debbie Macomber
4 Stars

I read this book during my breaks at work, and it was so hard to put it down when break time was over!

I loved the interweaving stories, especially the multiple generations of women involved. The story had a little something for everyone, no matter what age or stage of life you’re in, which I thought was very clever. My only complaint was the “fairy godmother” type resolution at the end that made me wonder if the characters would have been able to make it on their own. Still, a very enjoyable read that was hard to tear myself away from!

The Taming of a Wild Child | 4 Stars

The Taming of a Wild Child
by Kimberly Lang
4 Stars

For a story featuring a passionate fling between two young people, this story is surprisingly sweet. The family dynamic between the heroine and her parents and sister is just lovely and very believable. There were times when I had a little difficulty swallowing the restrictions her place in society was putting on her, but then again, I think many readers would, and that’s what makes us feel for the heroine as she is being stifled. While thrilling and forbidden, the love affair between the characters is held behind closed doors – I would have been floored if the author had chosen to keep the bedroom doors open so to speak and let the reader into these scenes. As it was, the story was sweet, fun, and fresh, and it was definitely enjoyable to read.

Phaze | 4 Stars

by S. C. Mitchell
4 Stars

I LOVED this book! The flirtatious tension between the two main characters is absolutely delicious, and the author has a real way of making the secondary characters come alive. There was plenty of action and romance, as well as a fun amount of comic relief to keep things from getting too dark and heavy, even in these life and death situations.

As always with this author, my favorite part of reading his work is just how knowledgeable he is about science and technology. It makes everything seem completely plausible and I never question what he says. Another great book!