Words of Divinity

Words of Divinity
Words of Divinity
Author: Kayla Bain-Vrba
Categories: Fantasy ● Gay
Length: 42,500 words
Second Edition Released: May 28, 2018
Originally Released: May 1, 2013
Format: ebook, paperback
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Daniel is a sorcerer, good at magic and taking all the credit—or so it seems to Liam. In Daniel’s eyes that’s vastly preferable to being Liam, a hunter who excels at killing beasts and sleeping with everything else. They cooperate only to keep their country safe—until a new and greater danger calls for desperate measures that takes them to the land of gods, and the only way home again is by facing monsters, gods, and truths they’ve been avoiding.

Excerpt: Words of Divinity

Liam Westfallen pulled his jacket tighter around him and walked a little faster. There wasn’t any good reason for it, really; he had nowhere to go. It was that strange time between late night and early morning, that in between time when anything could happen without warning.

The sky was clear and dark; pinpricks of stars dotted high above him. He recognized a few constellations—The Lion and The Hunters, among others. The air was sharp and cold. Snow was on the way; it was only a matter of time. If he’d played his cards right with his last boyfriend, he could’ve spent the winter on the man’s farm, working and fucking and staying warm, instead of being kicked back out onto the streets. That was the usual for him, though. Fate wasn’t cutting him any favors or second chances.

The capitol was quiet for the most part. Almost everyone was asleep; even the animals were quiet. The only sounds came from the few taverns still open.

He heard snarling behind him, and when he turned around a huge animal bigger than a sheep dog was scurrying toward him. He didn’t have time to run; there was nowhere to go. He dodged its first pass, but the thing was quick. It knocked him to the ground and scrambled over him, beating him with its thick tail and snapping its sharp teeth at his face.

He grabbed it around the neck, struggling to keep it from biting his head off, and began beating the creature’s head against the dirt. It snarled and fought him, and he wrapped his legs around it, trying to get a better hold. He wrestled his arms and legs in different directions and heard a loud snap. The creature twitched a few times and then lay still.

With his heart pounding in his chest, Liam scrambled out from under it and sat sprawled beside the beast, gasping for air and gaping at it. It was a Rat; it had to be. He’d never seen one before, but he’d heard rumors—hell, everyone had. Rumor had it that hellspawn—demon beasts from hell—were popping up here and there throughout the kingdom, but he’d thought they were just a myth, a story made up to scare children and try to keep the street rats off the streets.

Apparently he was wrong.

“Hey, what happened here?”

Liam looked up to see a dark haired man standing over him.

“I—That thing attacked me!”

The man’s eyes widened when he took in the dead Rat, and he looked back and forth between Liam and the beast. “You killed that thing? With what?”

“I didn’t have nothing but my hands. It was either kill it or die.”

The man’s eyes stayed wide. “By the Goddess.” He seemed to come back to himself then and extended a hand to Liam.

“Come with me.”

“Where?” Liam was guarded and wary.

“We’re going to talk to some people about this. It needs to be reported. A Rat in the capitol …”

He took Liam’s elbow and guided him firmly through the city.

“I’m Peter Golding, by the way.”

“Liam Westfallen.”

“Good to meet you. Glad you’re not dead.”

Liam snorted. “Me too.”

Peter led Liam to the barracks—not the barracks of the regular army of king’s soldiers but ones separate from them. They headed inside down mostly empty hallways before reaching a door. Peter knocked and when a distant voice called for him to enter, he turned to Liam. “Wait out here.” Then he shut the door behind him.

Liam paced the hallway. Maybe he should take off before he got in some kind of trouble. He tried to remember if there were any outstanding warrants out on him, or if he’d done anything else lately that would get him into trouble, but he couldn’t think of any. That didn’t mean there weren’t any, though. He could never tell with government people; they liked to fuck him over. It was like a game. They’d let him fall through the cracks and now they were making things as difficult as possible for him as he tried to live his life out from underneath their booted foot.


He spun around; Peter was sticking his head out of the doorway. “They’ll see you now.”